Mission Central Newsletter | March 2018

Welcome to Mission Central, the monthly newsletter for members of Angel Flight South Central! Angel Flight Log STORIES FROM THE SOUTH CENTRAL SKIES Excellent Landings For the past 13 months, Chris Herr has been fielding most passenger calls to Angel Flight South Central. He is a voice of calm and kindness to our passengers during...

Excellent Landings

by Chris Herr If you have called Angel Flight South Central within the last year to arrange a flight, you have almost certainly spoken with Chris. You'll also know that he is a voice of calm and kindness during what is often a very difficult time. The following are some thoughtful words he shared at AFSC's recent Board of...

Mission Central Newsletter | February 2018

Welcome to Mission Central, the monthly newsletter for members of Angel Flight South Central! Angel Flight Log STORIES FROM THE SOUTH CENTRAL SKIES AFSC Provides Flight to Life-saving Treatment – and Keeps a Mom and Daughter Together As a registered nurse and single mother, Sharla Jo Meredith was well practiced in the fine...

Angel Flight South Central Newsletter Archive

What's happening at Angel Flight South Central? Read through articles about patients, pilots, upcoming events, and things we are doing throughout the year. Do you have a story or a picture to share? We'd be happy to include them in our next newsletter! If you are interested in joining our mailing list, please send us...

Vote for our 2018 Endeavor Award finalist!

Melvin Jenschke has flown more than 1,200 hours and spent nearly $1 million of his own money to fly relief missions for Angel Flight South Central. He is now a finalist for a 2018 Endeavor Award. If he wins, AFSC will receive a $15,000 grant.

Eileen Isola

When Eileen Isola flew her first mission for Angel Flight South Central in November, the experience came packed with meaning. Her primary passenger, 7-year-old Susana, has been living with leukemia for five years, but her intelligence and spark still shine through her, just as they do in her mother, also named Susana. But the importance of this trip to Eileen went beyond the reward of helping people in need of care. This mission was Eileen's first solo flight in decades, and represented an important personal challenge she made to herself during her ongoing recovery from her breast cancer treatment.

Faith and care aid AFSC passenger’s recovery

Mary Herndon wasn't overly concerned when she first started experiencing minor visual disturbances last spring. She wasn't in any pain and felt perfectly normal in every other way. But she decided to play it safe and had her doctor check things out. Unfortunately, her MRI revealed a large tumor on her brain stem. Mary knew that...

Angel Flight South Central pilots stretch their wings during Hurricane Harvey

It was late afternoon, and Carolyn Brown looked over at her 82-year-old husband, Philip. It worried her terribly to see him lying precariously on the bleachers of the elementary school gym, his head propped on a waterlogged duffel bag. This was no place to sleep for a man with a heart condition who had just visited MD Anderson for cancer treatment. But Hurricane Harvey had flooded them out of their home in Orange, Texas, and this was their only option for the night. They hadn’t eaten for two days, but Carolyn’s gravest concern was her husband’s sleeping situation. “I’m not sure he would have made it through the night in that shelter,” she says. That’s when she learned that help was on the way. Angel Flight South Central was flying water and food into Orange – about 80 miles east of Houston on the Louisiana border – because all the roads were closed due to flooding.