New Executive Director for Angel Flight South Central

We would like to welcome the new Executive Director for Angel Flight South Central, Todd Quesnel.

Todd Quesnel’s love for aviation began long before he can remember.  His father was a pilot, and Todd would accompany him to the airport to watch the planes, secretly wishing he was in one.  At the age of 16, Todd officially began flight training.  His flight instructor lived down the street, so Todd mowed the grass in exchange for an hour of flight instruction.  It was a remarkable trade-off!  Before he had a driver’s license, Todd soloed in a Cessna 150 (N4733B), making him the only person in his AFJROTC unit to earn his wings.  After many months of splitting wood, he was able to make enough money to attend the Space Academy in Huntsville, AL.  In preparation for the written test on Shuttle Operations, Todd ordered a Space Shuttle Operator’s Manual from the Smithsonian and studied it relentlessly.  As a result, he earned the spot of OV-104 “Atlantis” Commander.  Although all of his training was in a simulator, Todd thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.

After graduating high school, Todd joined the Navy Reserve as a Quartermaster with the hopes of being a Naval Aviator.    Upon completion of training, Todd attended Texas A&M University in College Station for two semesters before being recalled for an all-expense paid vacation to the Middle East for Desert Storm.   In April of 1991, Todd returned to Texas and resumed his studies at Texas A&M.  Four years later, Todd graduated with a Bachelor’s in Finance and a Bachelor’s in Accounting.
Todd’s professional career began in the securities industry, where he held various positions at Fidelity Investments, 1st Global and Placemark Investments while holding a Series 63, 7 and 8.  In 2009, Todd relocated his family from Dallas to Houston and began working at Invensys Systems, Inc.  He is certified as a Microsoft Professional, Web Master and Continuous Improvement Practitioner.

In 2004, Todd flew his first Angel Flight South Central (AFSC) Mission to Ponca City, OK – the first of many to come.  Volunteering for Angel Flight has become his calling from God and a love of his.  As the current South Texas Wing Leader, Todd strives to make a difference not only in his Wing but also for the organization as a whole.  Todd logs about 100 to 150 hours a year in his Bonanza, flying primarily in support of AFSC for missions, air shows or other administrative needs. 

Todd is married to his college sweetheart and they have three beautiful young girls. In addition to his career and family, Todd also runs marathons, enjoys water sports, is active in his church, and works on the house.  His big dream is to one day fly a high-performance warbird!  As you can imagine, life is busy around the Quesnel household.

Todd currently leads the strategic initiatives and day to day operations of Angel Flight South Central. 

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