Angel Flight South Central pilots stretch their wings during Hurricane Harvey

It was late afternoon, and Carolyn Brown looked over at her 82-year-old husband, Philip. It worried her terribly to see him lying precariously on the bleachers of the elementary school gym, his head propped on a waterlogged duffel bag. This was no place to sleep for a man with a heart condition who had just visited MD Anderson for cancer treatment. But Hurricane Harvey had flooded them out of their home in Orange, Texas, and this was their only option for the night. They hadn’t eaten for two days, but Carolyn’s gravest concern was her husband’s sleeping situation. “I’m not sure he would have made it through the night in that shelter,” she says. That’s when she learned that help was on the way. Angel Flight South Central was flying water and food into Orange – about 80 miles east of Houston on the Louisiana border – because all the roads were closed due to flooding.

New Executive Director for Angel Flight South Central

We would like to welcome the new Executive Director for Angel Flight South Central, Todd Quesnel. Todd Quesnel’s love for aviation began long before he can remember.  His father was a pilot, and Todd would accompany him to the airport to watch the planes, secretly wishing he was in one.  At the age of 16, Todd officially...

Angel Flight and CASA

A CASA volunteer shares her experience with an Angel Flight trip to visit her child.  Volunteer pilots helping volunteer advocates! To read the story featured in Living Magazine, click HERE.  

Dianna Stanger Endeavor Award

Angel Flight South Central's Board Chairperson, Dianna Stanger is being recognized for her philanthropic commitment and volunteerism.  She will be awarded the Endeavor Award for leadership and service in Public Benefit Flying at this year's event, which will be held in May. To read more about her story, click HERE.

Kathy Robinson’s Liver Transplant

Passenger Kathy Robinson has traveled repeatedly with Angel Flight South Central to receive medical treatment at MD Anderson and Shannon Medical Center.  After being turned down for a transplant at numerous hospitals, she has recently been approved for a liver transplant at Indiana University Health Hospital. To read more about her...

AFSC Video

AFSC is a non-profit organization comprised of volunteer pilots who provide free flights for people in need of medical care and other humanitarian purposes.  This video captures the amazing story of volunteer pilots and the passengers they help.  It's a story of hope, generosity, and compassion that touches the lives of...

Patrick Andrews

He was a military man with some rank, but not much.  I had met him on a few occasions—those casual in-the-office types of introductions.  Then, the unthinkable happened to his family.  Their little five year old daughter was fighting a losing battle with one of those cancers that is devastating to all who are...

Craig Strikmiller

By God’s design, October 23, 2009 changed everything in my life. It was the day I was told I had Multiple Myeloma. Pain in my left calf prompted my chiropractor to suggest an MRI. The MRI revealed several spots of cancer in my back with a resulting pathologic fracture of my L4 vertebra.  My wife Patty and I were both born and...

Alina Tanner

Seven years ago, Alina Tanner was diagnosed with a very rare and aggressive Stage II bile duct cancer.  The survival rate for this form of cancer is usually no longer than 2-6 months.  Since that time, she has undergone 170 chemotherapy treatments, infusions, 3 ablations, operations, proton therapy, and 2 medical trials. ...

Building a Better Community

Angel Flight South Central was recognized as one of 7 nonprofit organizations in North Dallas that assists the community both locally and in outlying areas.  Click here to read the article.