Angel Flight South Central's mission is to help people in need of free air transportation for medical and humanitarian purposes.

What We Do

Angel Flight South Central's mission is to help people in need of free air transportation for medical and humanitarian purposes. Angel Flight arranges travel through a network of volunteer pilots who provide flights at no cost to Angel Flight or the people who require specialized medical treatment not available to them locally.

  • PATIENTS FOR MEDICAL TREATMENT - Angel Flight provides free flights for people receiving medical treatment, such as chemotherapy. Patients may travel with Angel Flight as many times as needed.

  • COURT APPOINTED SPECIAL ADVOCATES (CASA) – Angel Flight provides free flights for volunteer advocates to visit children in foster care and conduct home inspections. 

  • MEDICAL STAFF VOLUNTEERING TIME - Angel Flight arranges flights for doctors and other medical staff going on missions to volunteer their medical services so they can spend more time treating patients rather than getting to/from the area where they are donating their services.

  • BLOOD, PLASMA, ORGANS – Angel Flight assists with transporting plasma and blood to rural hospitals for patients in need, and to Houston for testing.

  • DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AND HUMAN TRAFFICKING RELOCATION - Angel Flight helps victims of domestic violence or human trafficking be reunited with their families.

  • DISASTER RELIEF - Angel Flight assists by flying supplies, equipment, and relief workers into disaster areas and flying refugees to outlying shelters. During COVID-19, Angel Flight has helped transport personal protection equipment and supplies to facilities in rural parts of West Texas and New Mexico.

  • ​REDUCED TRAVEL TIME - patients often are weakened from treatments and find it difficult to make long car drives. Angel Flight enables patients to spend more time with their families and less time away from work.

  • REDUCED RISK OF INFECTION - cancer patients have depressed immune systems while receiving treatment, making them susceptible to other illnesses. Angel Flight reduces exposure to other people that patients may experience on a versus commercial flights.

  • ACCESS TO REGIONAL AIRPORTS - passengers who live in rural areas may need to travel several hours to reach a commercial airport. Angel Flight pilots are able  to pick up passengers closer to where they live.

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Pilots & Metal Wings

Angel Flight is a very efficient charity and provides a service that would be difficult to purchase. Our volunteer pilots donate their time and the entire cost of the flight to help people in need. Since 1991, our pilots have flown over 38,000 missions and contributed over $105 million in flight benefits. The overhead of Angel Flight is estimated to be less than 10% of the total cost of the donated flight. 

Mission Central

Our mission coordination team connects passengers in need with pilots available to fly missions. We also partner with similar agencies across the nation, allowing us to serve passengers who require travel beyond our primary service region (TX, AR, LA, NM, OK).


We believe that no one should be denied critical medical care solely due to the barrier of distance.

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Angel Flight SC

Founded in 1991, AFSC is based in Dallas and serves Texas, New Mexico, Arkansas and Oklahoma. With the help of amazing and generous volunteer pilots, we provide free flights for people in need of humanitarian assistance or medical treatment.


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(972) 755-0433