Mission Central Newsletter | Dec 2018-Jan 2019

Mission Central Newsletter | Dec 2018-Jan 2019

Angel Flight Log


A bird's-eye view of 2018

Happy New Year, everyone! As we launch into 2019, we wanted to review some of our stats and achievements over the past year.

Among the highlights this year:

  • Air Charity Network's induction into the International Air & Space Hall of Fame. (ACN is the umbrella organization over all the Angel Flights.)
  • D CEO magazine naming Angel Flight South Central its Micro Organization of the Year.
  • Multiple successful fundraisers hosted by AFSC friends and board members, including North Pole Journey, 100 Days of Summer, Brews & Props, Play Pink, North Texas Giving Day, and Race of Angels. Thank you for all of your gracious support!

And now let's take a look at some numbers...



FBO fuel discounts: Our Wing Leaders have been busy updating our FBO fuel discount information. To date, we've received new FBO information from Don Cope, Scott Young, and Jim Daniell.

Visit this web page to see the most up-to-date fuel discount information and to participate in the recruitment of more FBOs.


Pilot recognition program: We've relaunched our pilot recognition program, which means you will now receive a thank-you letter and some cool swag every time you complete a mission milestone:

New pilot—welcome packet
5 missions—AFSC mug
10 missions—AFSC mission pin (design shown above)
25 missions—AFSC baseball cap
50 missions—AFSC polo shirt
100 missions—AFSC decal in black that has 1 star + new polo
150 missions—AFSC jacket + new polo
200 missions—Decal for plane that has 2 stars + polo
300 missions—Decal for plane that has 3 stars + polo
400 missions—Decal for plane that has 4 stars + polo
500 missions—Decal for plane that has 5 stars + polo

Huge thanks to the following pilots who completed milestones in the last half of 2018!

  • JULY:
    • 25 missions: Randy Adams, Matthew Berkebile, Don Kephart
    • 5 missions: Michael Babin, Ronnie Remedies, Barry Richards
  • AUGUST: 
    • 25 missions: Nelson Destaffany
    • 5 missions: Keith Abram, Donald Donahue, Jose Lugo, Sean Mickler
    • 300 missions: William "Scott" Young
    • 200 missions: Raymond Bailey
    • 50 missions: Edwin Gloyna
    • 25 missions: Mark Kalinsky
    • 10 missions: Michael Babin
    • 5 missions: John Brannan
    • 100 missions: Jerome Simon
    • 50 missions: Donald Jones, Robert Wilbers
    • 25 missions: Norman Lindsey, Philip Nicholson
    • 10 missions: Richard Marcus, Michael Salmon, Howard Tobin
    • 5 missions: Kenneth Hix, Lance Winn
    • 200 missions: Robert Byrd
    • 50 missions: Nelson Destaffany
    • 10 missions: Michael Bletsch, Barry Harper, Charles Sanders
    • 5 missions: Scott Hutchinson, Joseph Longaro, Glen Tillery
    • 10 missions: Steven Pruett, Ivan Ulrich
    • 5 missions: Bryan Brannon, Douglas Lefeve

Magnus Effect


Our 1st-ever Race of Angels is in the books!

Thanks for the great turnout of runners and volunteers at our first Race of Angels 5K on December 8. It was a cold and wet morning, but that didn't stop most of our runners from turning out. One woman (at right in above photo) even completed her 12th 5K for 2018 that day! We'll hope to see you at next year's race.

On the Beam


Pilots Who Flew Their 1st AFSC Mission in November or December

Paul Horton (Oklahoma)
Jon Kasling (South Texas)
Jonathan Mason (NE Texas)
Eric Reynolds (NE Texas)
Clint Stimson (NE Texas)
Michael Towns (South Texas)

AFSC's Top Pilots – November 2018

Nelson Destaffany—15 missions!
David Aldridge—9 missions
Larry Forney—6 missions
Robert Garrett, Wayne Maynard, Jerald Molleston, Chris Morris, David Prentice—4 missions each
Robert Byrd, Jose Lugo—3 missions each

AFSC's Top Pilots – December 2018

Bob Baker—8 missions
Bryan Brannon, Robert Byrd, Larry Forney, Randall Gayle, Jerald Molleston, Jerome Simon—4 missions each
Kent Arkes, Arthur Beckwith, Nelson Destaffany, Joe Grimes, Karl Kulling, Mike Matetich—3 missions each

And the drum roll, please... Our top 10 (well, 11) pilots for 2018 in terms of legs flown are:

AFSC's Top Pilots – 2018 (entire year)

David Aldridge—66 missions
David Prentice—43 missions
Robert Byrd, Nelson Destaffany—37 missions each
Robert Garrett—33 missions
Bob Baker—32 missions
William "Scott" Young—30 missions
Larry Forney, John Key—26 missions each
Joe Grimes, Jerald Molleston—20 missions each

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