Request a Humanitarian Flight

Angel Flight South Central's (AFSC) is able to assist with humanitarian missions to help people who need to travel long distances for various reasons that may or may not be related to medical reasons.  Humanitarian flights are considered on a case-by-case basis.  Several examples of humanitarian missions where Angel Flight pilots can assist include:

  • Relocation services for victims of domestic violence (validation by a social worker or shelter is required)
  • Helping family members visit a child or parent who is in hospice care or receiving long-term treatment in a hospital (validation by the patient's social worker or treating physician is required)
  • Assisting patients who need to travel for qualified second medical opinions recommended by their physician
  • Transporting blood, tissue samples, or organs for other non-profit organizations
  • Coordinating humanitarian or disaster relief efforts with other organizations (flying volunteers and/or supplies)

Angel Flight South Central does not require that a passenger meet financial guidelines to qualify for a flight, however, we ask that our passengers demonstrate a compelling need before they ask for transportation, as each mission represents a significant cost to a volunteer pilot. Our pilots donate their time, aircraft, and all expenses involved to help people who otherwise would not be able to travel for medical treatment or for other compelling humanitarian reasons.

You will find all the information you need below.  If you have further questions, please speak with a mission coordinator by calling our office toll free at 1-888-500-0433.

Note: We do not provide emergency rescue services.  

Requesting a Flight

To request a flight:

  1. Please have a social worker or doctor complete the online request form.

  2. To prepare yourself for your journey, please download and read the Traveler Information Packet, and keep a copy in your travel bag for easy reference.  

If you've never experienced traveled by private aircraft, you may find this video helpful to prepare yourself for the wonderful experience.

Downloadable Forms

If you're unable to use the online request form above, paper forms may be submitted to our office: