Regional Wings

An Angel Flight South Central Regional Wing is defined as a group of at least five people within a geographic area who are dedicated to helping people in need and who commit themselves to the local, regional and national objectives of Angel Flight South Central.

Our volunteer pilots are organized in regional “Wings” to provide better opportunity for local coordination and connection and to allow pilots in each geographical area some flexibility to operate in a manner most efficient and effective for them within the overall framework of the Angel Flight South Central mission.

Each AFSC Wing facilitates our work within their region by recruiting pilots, reaching out to make their regional population aware of our service and seeking to promote Angel Flight locally. Each Wing has some autonomy to serve the needs of their community at the local level, but they all work within the AFSC framework to remain consistent with our goals and operating policies and to serve Angel Flight's overall mission.

Each Wing Has Two Major Responsibilities:


To identify from within its membership an individual to serve as Wing Leader. The Wing Leader will work with others in the Wing to promote Angel Flight South Central by recruiting and engaging more volunteer pilots, identifying and reaching out to patient populations treatment centers to insure that as many people as possible are aware of our service, and to identify and develop potential funding opportunities from within the Wing.


To identify and engage volunteers within each Wing who will assist the Wing Leader in  accomplishing the following tasks:

  • Pilot Recruitment and Activities
  • Passenger and Community Awareness
  • Public Relations
  • Fund-raising
  • To cooperate with AFSC in seeking any grants or other fund raising opportunities that may be more readily available to local entities.
  • To participate in AFSC sponsored activities and to adhere to AFSC guidelines and procedures.