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Mission Central: February 2020

The monthly newsletter for members of Angel Flight South Central

Angel Flight Log


Angel Flight South Central’s inaugural Mission Possible: Soaring Hearts Gala is in the books! We are so grateful to our sponsors, volunteers, and wonderful attendees. We would like to thank Keynote Speaker Dr. Peggy A. Whitson, Special Guest Everson Walls, Emcee Lyndy Phillips, Honorary Chair Jimmy Westcott, and Special Performer Darryl Purpose.

[Keynote Speaker Dr. Peggy A. Whitson]

At the gala, we announced this year’s award winners, and we want to take a minute to share those with you again.

Ray Bailey and Lone Star Communications were honored with the Silver Wings Award. This award recognizes an individual or company that demonstrates exceptional generosity through direct charitable giving to AFSC. The person or company is a philanthropic leader in our community, encouraging others towards charitable support or volunteer opportunities.

Ray Bailey generously donated a matching gift through his company, Lone Star Communications, in support of North Texas Giving Day. The philanthropic leadership of Ray and Lone Star Communications in 2019 enabled Angel Flight to raise over $64,000 in a single day. Ray is also a volunteer pilot and has flown over 200 missions since joining AFSC in 2004.

Larry Forney was given the Golden Wings Award, which recognizes a volunteer pilot who has flown a significant number of missions in the previous year. This person demonstrates exceptional volunteer leadership skills and motivates other volunteer pilots to fly missions.

Larry flew 85 missions for AFSC in 2019. He was also recognized as Volunteer Pilot of the Year by the National Aeronautical Association in November for flying 200 missions in four years. In addition to the missions he flew for AFSC last year, Larry also flew 21 missions for Angel Flight Southeast’s disaster relief efforts in the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian.

Craig Dow was given the 2020 Peggy Goll Lifetime Achievement Award, which recognizes the extraordinary dedication of a volunteer pilot whose impact on the lives of AFSC passengers has been inspiring and profound. The volunteer pilot demonstrates outstanding commitment to the organization and a passion for helping others. The award is named in memory of one of AFSC’s original founders.

Craig joined AFSC in 1992 – only one year after the organization was formed. Since then, he has been an active volunteer with AFSC, flying nearly 275 missions over the last 27 years. He has helped hundreds of people access life-saving medical treatment, and he is still flying missions to this day.

Congratulations to Ray, Larry, and Craig! We appreciate your commitment to serving AFSC passengers.



We are pleased to announce that we have successfully negotiated with Atlantic Aviation at El Paso International. There is now a $1.00/gallon discount on 100LL or Jet-A, and ALL fees (ramp/security/drop off) are waived with a fuel purchase of ANY amount. This has been added to our list of verified FBO discounts.

On the Beam


Top Pilots for January

11 Missions - Jerald Molleston

8 Missions - Bob Baker, Brock Benjamin

7 Missions - Larry Forney

5 Missions - Raymond Bailey, Jack Long, Jamie Matthews, Dennis Cox

4 Missions - John Key, Jerome Simon, Robert Garrett, Jim Aubuchon

1st Mission in January

Allen Wilson

Soney Joseph

John Wingfield

Milestones for January

200th Mission - Jed Molleston

25th Mission - William Whitefield, Michael Babin

10th Mission - Dennis Cox, Dennis Moore

5th Mission - Steve Schoettle, Daniel Stevens, Joel Davis, Jim Aubuchon, Hobson LeBlanc


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