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Mission Central: January/February 2021

The newsletter for friends of Angel Flight South Central

Meet the Angel Flight Staff!

Angel Flight South Central is commemorating 30 years of service in 2021! To kick off the celebration, we are taking the opportunity to introduce our staff and give you a glimpse into our work behind the scenes. Name: Shireen Pitassi Title: Director of Mission Coordination Essential Travel Items: Phone with all my favorite music loaded on it, a book and magazines, toothbrush and toothpaste, favorite PJs

[Shireen reading to her oldest granddaughter] Angel Flight South Central isn’t the only one celebrating an anniversary this year! Shireen has had the honor of working for the organization for 20 years as of January 30th. What has kept her here so long? “It isn’t just one thing, I love it all. It is so rewarding when a patient tells us how we have changed their lives,” she said. Her role allows her to work closely with the pilots where she can enjoy getting to know them. She loves meeting them at various events over the years! Shireen’s pride and joy is her family, especially her granddaughters. During football season, she can often be found enjoying a Steelers game with loved ones. Another of her interests is traveling. If she didn’t have to make a living, she would be happy to continue her work for AFSC while traveling more! Name: Chris Herr Title: Mission Coordinator Essential Travel Items: Universal charger, passport, cell phone, a book, headphones for music, laptop

[Chris (left) and a random stranger at Epcot Center] The other half of our mission team is Chris Herr, who has been with us for nearly four years. His work focuses on the passengers and social workers who request flights. “Working for AFSC has allowed me on a daily basis to affect the lives of so many people. Their stories of courage and triumph as well as pain and sorrow have offered me new neighbors, friends, and family,” he explains. “ favorite part of working for AFSC is the pride I receive from being involved with the selfless, devoted, and charitable caregivers of this amazing and awe-inspiring organization.” Chris enjoys experiencing theatre, whether live or in movie form. He also loves music and taking in a good concert. Add those to his love of travel and he will certainly be busy when it is safe to get out there again! Name: Rebecca Sellers Title: Marketing Specialist Essential Travel Items: My phone loaded up with podcasts, headphones, camera, reusable water bottle, travel coffee mug, Sudoku puzzle books.

[Rebecca, her husband and daughter celebrate the end of school during COVID in 2020] Next on the team is Rebecca Sellers who joined the staff as a part-time employee in September 2020. After living in East Texas for three years, she recently returned to her hometown of Wichita, Kansas. She most enjoys interviewing patients and other supporters to write the newsletter articles as their gratitude is overwhelmingly genuine and heartfelt. In addition to the newsletters, her work includes social media, print marketing and some website support. Rebecca values working from home as it gives her the opportunity to spend time with her family - including her fur babies. At any given time she likely has at least two pets keeping her company while at her work station. When she isn’t working, she loves trivia, board games, and game shows. If she could, she would be a game show host or professional trivia contestant. “Like Ken Jennings on Jeopardy, although I’m nowhere near that smart,” she claims.

[Rebecca working at home with Debby] Name: Elizabeth Hancy Title: Executive Director Essential travel items: Camera, passport, water bottle, and a book.

[Elizabeth in Montana] Leading the organization is Elizabeth Hancy. She has worked for AFSC for five years, including as a Program Director. For her, the highlight of the job is having the opportunity to interact with so many people over the years, stating, “Our organization brings different people together who may not have otherwise met, for the sole purpose of helping others.” Some of her responsibilities include working closely with the board, managing fundraising projects and building relationships with other organizations and medical facilities. Working from home is ideal for Elizabeth as it gives her some flexibility to visit parts of Angel Flight's region while staying connected to her work. She enjoys exploring different places, meeting new people and eating at local favorites. An adventurer at heart, she'd love the opportunity to one day travel to space.

[Elizabeth’s dream office]

Our Newest "Team Member"

Rebecca and her husband welcomed their son earlier this year. Arriving nearly 6 weeks early, baby and mom are both doing well and love being a family of 4!

1st Annual Clay Shoot

Join us at the beautiful Providence Plantation to raise money for Angel Flight South Central! Food and drinks provided after the shoot. Funds raised will support our mission of providing free flights to access medical care. Tickets are on sale at Clay Shoot Tickets Can't make it in person? Sponsorship and donation event information is available on the ticketing website.

On The Beam!

Thank you to everyone who flew in December and January. What a great way to end 2020 and start 2021! January 2021 Top Pilots 9 Missions: Nelson Destaffany 8 Missions: David Griffin, Jed Molleston, Robert Wilbers 7 Missions: Robert Miles Matthews 5 Missions: Greg Larson, John Employ, Dennis Moore 4 Missions: Del Christensen, Chris Morris, Riaz Siddiqi, Scott Hutchinson 1st Mission Flown Bradley French Weldon Brown Jason Bergeron John Ellzey Mark Ogden Milestones 100th Mission: Nelson Destaffany, Keith Rutherford 10th Mission: Robert Miles Matthews, Dan Pradel, Douglas Dodson December 2020 Top Pilots 8 Missions - Scott Young 7 Missions - Fred Greene, Scott Gloyna 6 Missions - David Prentice 5 Missions - Dwight Hawkins, Jed Molleston, Robert Rose, Adam Boyd 4 Missions - Jamie Matthews First Mission Flown Bill Arnold Greg Falkenthal Jim Covington Luis Rivera Mike Fletcher Randy Koonce Thomas Hosey Milestones 25th Mission - Christopher Harding 10th Mission - Paul Horton, Randall Gayle, Robert Rose 5th Mission - Luis Castelan, Mark Blair, Adam Boyd, Heather Fahle, Shay Sanders, Mike French, Jason Lott


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