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Mission Central: March 2020

The monthly newsletter for friends of Angel Flight South Central

COVID-19 Update: We Can Do This Together

As our everyday lives have abruptly transformed over the last several weeks, Angel Flight South Central (AFSC) remains focused on supporting the people who rely on our services. Our generous pilots continue to help patients who have no other option except to travel for critical treatment. Now, more than ever, our pilots are providing life-saving missions to help immune-compromised patients avoid high-risk areas such as commercial airports and public rest stops.

AFSC is also exploring new opportunities to help the medical community. Our pilots have been assisting rural hospitals by delivering critical items such as face shields and ventilator splitters. Other potential opportunities for our volunteer pilots to help doctors, nurses, and patients during this critical time include transporting blood, bone marrow, COVID-19 test kits, and PPEs.

Through the unwavering determination of our board members, staff, volunteer pilots, and friends, we are steadfast in our commitment to support the medical and humanitarian needs of our community.

Angel Flight Log


While Angel Flight South Central’s inaugural gala is in the books, we are still beaming from its success. We heard from so many wonderful speakers, one of whom has taken countless trips to treatment with AFSC pilots. If you missed the gala and weren't able to hear from passenger Randall Bowden, we're sharing his story in his words:

I currently have stage four cancer. This is the fourth time in three years I have had it. I’ve been poked, prodded, jabbed, stabbed, cut, stuck, sliced, diced, crevice inspected, and felt up—not in a good way, so many times you would think that I am a living cadaver for a medical school. Actually, I joke that I now know my purpose in life: to be a walking talking petri dish for them to study.

Read the rest of Randall's story.



We are excited to share the highlight film from our gala last month!

On the Beam


Top Pilots in February

14 Missions - Fred Greene

10 Missions - Larry Forney

7 Missions - Robert Briggs

6 Missions - Clay Roark, Bob Baker, Nelson Destaffany, Jamie Matthews

5 Missions - Rob Garrett, Doug Lefeve

1st Mission in February

Tony Dennis

Larry Long

Justin Blackburn

Milestones for February

10th Mission - Hobson LeBlanc, Jose Lugo, JR Haley, Robert Briggs

25th Mission - Douglas Lefeve, Ray Landry

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