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Mission Central: October 2020

The monthly newsletter for friends of Angel Flight South Central STORIES FROM THE SOUTH CENTRAL SKIES

[David and Pat with pilot Michael Periard] David and Pat’s connection to Angel Flight South Central started after many trips from their home in Oklahoma, or “Small Town, USA” as Pat calls it. David had been receiving treatment for bladder cancer at M.D. Anderson in Houston for several years already. The nearly 6-hour drive was always difficult to share as Pat was not comfortable driving in places like Dallas and Houston (who can blame her?). As David’s cancer began advancing and treatments became more strenuous, he was unable to continue driving or assist Pat in navigating through the larger cities. It was obvious that the travel was adding to the couple’s already stressful situations. While waiting on David to receive a body scan, Pat engaged in a conversation with a stranger in the waiting room. “I’ll be thankful for her from now on,“ Pat states. The woman asked how they traveled to their appointment and proceeded to tell Pat about Angel Flight.   Pat arranged their first flight with Angel Flight staff. She didn’t ask about cost as she knew that driving wasn’t even an option for David to be able to receive the needed treatment. They were shocked that the pilot would not even accept an offer of lunch as a small token of their thanks.  “[The pilots] gave us their time. They gave us their wonderful airplanes. They’re definitely a godsend to people like David, because he would have quit going just before that first flight that we made down there.”

[David flying with pilot Ray Bailey] One particularly memorable experience for David came on a drizzly day when they arrived at the airport. David and the driver engaged in a conversation about a beautiful airplane sitting on the runway and David expressed how much he would like to ride in something that nice. Imagine his surprise when the rain cleared and he was led to that very plane! David has enjoyed that particular plane on three separate occasions and especially enjoys being able to sit next to the pilot. David even uses a photograph of that plane as his screensaver. 

David and Pat take photos of many of their missions and get them printed locally. Pat puts them into a scrapbook for David. If one were to visit their house, expect to have the scrapbook placed into your lap so David can show off the collection of “his pilots, his planes, and his ground angels.”

The couple appreciates every step of their experience beginning with their conversations with the Angel Flight South Central staff. Pat enjoys interacting with Chris over the phone because he always takes the time to listen to her concerns and can tell by her voice when she needs to talk to someone. She also shares her gratitude for the Ground Angels who help transport them from the airport to treatment. Recently, David traveled without Pat. He endured unexpected complications from treatment that resulted in an overnight stay. Pat communicated frequently with the two Ground Angels who often transported David, and was especially touched that they took David out to dinner during this stressful occasion.  

“I can’t open my heart wide enough for you to see how we feel about Angel Flight,” Pat shares. “God puts a lot of people on this earth. But honey, when he put those people on this earth, he put the best of the best.“


Congratulations to Volunteer Pilot and Northwest Texas Wing Leader Scott Gloyna! The National Aeronautic Association (NAA), in  partnership with the Air Care Alliance (ACA), named Scott one of the two 2020 Distinguished Volunteer Pilots of the Year.  Scott dedicates his time to helping people who are faced with life-threatening illness, and during the COVID-19 pandemic, he has found new ways to support local communities while simultaneously including other volunteer pilots in his efforts. Scott’s enthusiastic and compassionate dedication to public benefit flying has had a ripple effect through West Texas communities and the entire Angel Flight organization.  Also named in this honor is Charlie Tillett from Angel Flight Northeast. “Each year our Public Benefit Flying Awards recognize the fact that aviation plays a key role in our ability to respond to a variety of emergencies from natural disasters to the transport of patients, medical supplies, and organs,” said NAA President, Greg Principato. “Many times, those recognized are volunteers, who combine their passion for aviation with their sense of responsibility for others. Congratulations to Scott and Charlie and, more importantly, thank you.”


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Top Pilots for August 10 missions - David Aldridge 8 missions - Jerald Molleston 7 missions - Fred Greene, Scott Gloyna 4 missions - David Prentice, James Harris, Dennis Moore 1st Mission Flown in August Franz Hankins Jordan Bellow Manolo Centeno Michael Eiras Michael Periard Richard Veley Milestones for August 5th Mission - Eugene Fraser, Soney Joseph, James Harris 10th Mission - Jerry Fitzgerald, Joel Buhrmann 25th Mission - Brock Benjamin, David Roberts 50th Mission - Kelvin Allen 250th Mission - Larry Forney (July) Top Pilots for September 6 Missions - David Aldridge 5 Missions - Eugene Fraser 4 Missions - Jamie Matthews, Dennis Moore 1st Mission Flown in September Alexander Swyryn Casey Barry Eric Prim Jason Lott Larry Smith Milestones for September 5th Mission - Ty Lane 10th Mission - Johannes Koster, Eugene Fraser, Michael Harms 25th Mission - Dennis Moore 100th Mission - David Aldridge 150th Mission - Del Christenson


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