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How It Works

Angel Flight South Central’s (AFSC) volunteer pilots donate their time, aircraft, and the cost of the flight to help people travel for medical treatment or other humanitarian reasons. Our pilots are able to meet passengers at regional airports close to home and bring them to their final destination. Passengers are able to avoid lengthy drives to commercial airports, long lines at TSA, and long-term parking costs at the airport.

Angel Flight South Central does not require passengers to meet specific financial conditions. However, we do ask our passengers to demonstrate a compelling need for the flight, as each mission represents a significant cost to a volunteer pilot.



Angel Flight South Central’s primary mission is to provide free flights for patients requiring non-emergency medical treatment that is not available to them locally. In addition, AFSC will help patients travel for qualified second medical opinions recommended by their physician.


We do not provide Air Ambulance or emergency rescue services. Our volunteer pilots are not medically trained and we are unable to accommodate nurses on our flights.



Passengers who need to travel long distances for various humanitarian reasons may be eligible for a free flight from AFSC. Some examples of humanitarian missions include:

  • Relocation services for victims of domestic violence or human trafficking (validation by a social worker or shelter is required).

  • Helping family members visit a child or parent who is in hospice care or receiving long-term treatment in a hospital (validation by the patient's social worker or treating physician is required).

  • Transporting blood, tissue samples, or organs for other non-profit organizations.

  • Coordinating disaster relief efforts with other organizations (flying volunteers and/or supplies).


Humanitarian missions are considered on a case-by-case basis.



Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) volunteers help abused and neglected children find a safe place to live and advocate for them in court. Angel Flight South Central has partnered with CASA organizations throughout our region to help CASA volunteers stay connected with children who have been placed in foster homes outside of their local areas.

AFSC helps CASA volunteers:

  • visit children in other cities or states more frequently while reducing travel time and costs.

  • conduct site visits to prospective homes where a child may be placed.

  • travel beyond their normal ability to assist in situations that might arise, simply due to the nature of this population of children.

  • access to children living in more rural areas.