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Mission Central: January 2020

The monthly newsletter for members of Angel Flight South Central

Angel Flight Log


When Porter was six weeks old, he and his mom Tess came down with a cold. Tess wanted to make sure Porter's cold wasn't the result of something worse, so she made an appointment with Porter's pediatrician. While they were there, she asked the pediatrician do a general checkup on Porter because she was concerned about the shape of his head. The pediatrician's examination revealed that Porter was missing one of the two soft spots in his head that babies need to allow their brain to fully develop. Four days later, little Porter had a CT scan and was diagnosed with Craniosynostosis. The following week, Tess and Porter traveled from Amarillo to meet with the surgical team at Cooks Children's in Fort Worth. Porter's surgery was scheduled for three weeks later.

"The times we&