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“Thank you for helping to save his life”

When your 72-year-old husband learns he has stage 4 cancer and you have to travel nearly 900 miles for treatment, there are many emotional and logistical hurdles suddenly in your path. Anne Gonzales had at least one of those hurdles removed when she found Angel Flight.

Coach hosts sports memorabilia auction to benefit the nonprofit that helped his wife

Jimmy Durham lost his wife, Michele, to breast cancer 14 years ago. While she was in treatment, Angel Flight South Central provided free flights to the entire family back and forth to Houston for her treatment. Jimmy Durham has never forgotten that gift of togetherness. Each year, as head coach of the New Mexico Junior College men's baseball team, he hosts a fundraiser to support AFSC. This year's event features an online auction of some highly valued sports memorabilia.

Young Pilot Earns Unexpected Flight Time through Angel Flight

21-year-old Paulo Claudio learned that he has a rare cancer not long before he was to graduate with a Professional Pilot's degree from Oklahoma State. As he has traveled back and forth to treatment with Angel Flight South Central, he has found an unexpected silver lining: he gets to meet fellow pilots and try flying their planes.

Angel Flight South Central on CBS-4 News

CBS-4 News travels with Veronica Bishop as Angel Flight South Central volunteer pilot Ernesto Lugo flies her to her treatment for stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. Every day, AFSC provides free flights for people with medical and humanitarian needs.

Faith and care aid AFSC passenger’s recovery

Mary Herndon wasn't overly concerned when she first started experiencing minor visual disturbances last spring. She wasn't in any pain and felt perfectly normal in every other way. But she decided to play it safe and had her doctor check things out. Unfortunately, her MRI revealed a large tumor on her brain stem. Mary knew that...

Kathy Robinson’s Liver Transplant

Passenger Kathy Robinson has traveled repeatedly with Angel Flight South Central to receive medical treatment at MD Anderson and Shannon Medical Center.  After being turned down for a transplant at numerous hospitals, she has recently been approved for a liver transplant at Indiana University Health Hospital. To read more about her...