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Three Years of Angel Flights—and a Glimpse Beyond

A family physician's discovers a different side of patient care while flying missions for Angel Flight South Central. His developing friendship with a cancer patient during 27 Angel Flights led to both rewarding and painful moments.

“Retired from Practice, But Still a Doctor at Heart”

Jack Blackshear had his eyes fixed on a career in medicine from an early age. When he joined the U.S. Naval Reserve to become a flight surgeon in 1970, he discovered another passion: flying. As part of his military training, Jack learned to fly the North American T-28 Trojan through the training command at the Pensacola Naval Air...

From Car Mechanic to CEO and Command Pilot

Don Carruth hasn’t always flown high. He left school after the tenth grade and spent the early part of his career as a Volkswagen mechanic in Midland, Texas. In 1969, his boss, Richard Stovall, introduced Don to flying. Don earned his license a year later, but “I couldn’t afford to fly much then.” [Pictured...

Celebrating 300 Missions with the Organization That Pushed Him to Fly

Scott Young had long dreamed of learning to fly and owning his own plane. When he saw an article about Angel Flight in a magazine, he knew he'd found his reason to finally fulfill the dream. Now one of Angel Flight South Central's most beloved pilots—and Southeast Texas wing leader—Scott has flown 300 missions for AFSC and plans to fly at least 200 more.

A life in flight leads to a life of giving back

Mike Sisemore has been an adventurous pilot for nearly 50 years, filming skydiving world records and flying to remote destinations for camping with his wife. Several bouts with cancer led the Sisemores and their trusty basset hound into a new adventure: flying cancer patients to the lifesaving treatment they need.

Board member flies to North Pole to support Angel Flight South Central

On July 14-28, AFSC treasurer Wayne Maynard took an exciting adventure: he flew from Dallas to the North Pole and back to raise awareness and funding for Angel Flight South Central. Wayne first became involved with Angel Flight because he lost a brother to cancer, and he has become an avid supporter ever since.  The trip involved...

A Generous Marriage

This husband and wife team give back to their community – together – by volunteering with Angel Flight South Central.

“You All Are the Pilots?”

Angel Flight passengers often do a double-take when they first meet volunteer pilot Zach Kilgore. Zach, 23, is one of the youngest pilots flying for AFSC, but don’t let that youthful face fool you. He has more than 1,000 hours of flight time under his belt and is a certified flying instructor. And he has an ageless care for his passengers, keeping water and blankets on board and nearly always bringing his friend Will Kyle along as a flight assistant to make sure passengers are comfortable during their journey.

Angel Flight South Central on CBS-4 News

CBS-4 News travels with Veronica Bishop as Angel Flight South Central volunteer pilot Ernesto Lugo flies her to her treatment for stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. Every day, AFSC provides free flights for people with medical and humanitarian needs.

Pilot Don Lawton looks back over his 200 missions with AFSC

Donald Lawton has been flying for Angel Flight South Central for more than 15 years and this month will undertake his 200th mission. Here we take a look back with Don on his experiences with passengers and on how Angel Flight has changed over the years. What got you flying with Angel Flight? It was probably a pretty typical reason,...