Thank you to our Volunteer Pilots for continuing to support Angel Flight South Central and help people in need! The situation with COVID-19 continues to change on a daily basis, and we are working hard to keep you informed as new information becomes available. Our new policies are as follows:


  • Approved Missions:
    • AFSC will continue to fly patients with approval from doctors who confirm that travel is absolutely necessary.
    • AFSC will fly missions to transport medical supplies, blood, and other items.
    • All non-essential missions are being suspended until further notice.
  • Distance:
    • Passenger flights are limited to 600 nm (2 legs).
    • Missions to fly medical supplies, blood, and other items will remain at 900 nm.
  • Companions:
    • At the Pilot's discretion, adult patients may travel with one companion who is 18+ years old. 
    • For patients 18 years old or younger, one adult companion is required to accompany the child.
  • Missions in/out of New Orleans:
    • AFSC will not accept missions that originate or end within a 100-mile radius of New Orleans.
    • Hand-offs for multi-leg missions cannot be done within a 100-mile radius of New Orleans.

Executive Orders - Things to Know:

  • Texas Executive Order GA-11: 14-day mandatory quarantine for anyone traveling to Texas from California, Louisiana, Washington, Atlanta GA, Chicago IL, Detroit MI, Miami, FL
  • New Mexico Executive Order 2020-013: 14-day mandatory self-isolate or self-quarantine for all persons whose travel to NM has gone through an airport and whose point of departure originates outside of NM. 
  • Oklahoma Executive Order 2020-07: anyone entering Oklahoma by air from the New York Tri-State Area, Washington, California, and Louisiana will be subjected to a 14-day quarantine.

For MD Anderson updates, visit

Apr 2nd Update: We are requiring self-quarantine for new patients traveling from any location outside of Texas. The quarantine may occur at patients’ homes, with daily monitoring by our staff. New patients who have been approved to travel to MD Anderson will be provided an authorization letter for travel and will be tested by us for COVID-19, prior to their first appointment.

Our clinical teams are working with current, out-of-state patients to determine appropriate options for care, whether that means delaying the appointment at MD Anderson, virtual visits, local care coordination or, if necessary, travel to MD Anderson for appointments and treatment. We will try to reduce the number of visits to Houston to keep our patients safe since traveling increases the risk of infection. In addition, we recommend all patients and their families self-isolate as much as possible for their protection.

All patients will receive a MyChart questionnaire four days prior to their scheduled appointments to ask about travel outside Texas, symptoms, exposures, and local COVID-19 testing.

We no longer allow visitors on any of our campuses.There will be special circumstances when a single adult visitor will need to accompany a patient.

Angel Flight South Central encourages everyone to stay informed of the ongoing situation to ensure the health and safety of our pilots, passengers, and those who may come into contact with our pilots and passengers. We have provided a few useful links:

  1. COVID-19 Effects on Volunteer Pilot Orgs
  2. Frequently Check Symptoms
  3. Protecting Against Spread of Virus
  4. Cleaning and Disinfecting Surfaces
  5. CDC Coronavirus Resources
  6. AOPA - Fly Informed
  7. CISA - Identification of Essential Infrastructure
  8. Public Use Airports ASN Update
  9. Air Care Alliance COVID-19 Resources

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