What We Do

Angel Flight South Central's mission is to help people in need of free air transportation for medical and humanitarian purposes. Angel Flight arranges travel through a network of volunteer pilots for people who require specialized medical treatment not available to them locally.

Our volunteer pilots provide this transportation at no cost to the patients or passengers. Since 1991, our pilots have flown over 32,000 missions and have contributed over $90 million to this effort.

Angel Flight South Central cooperates with hospitals, doctor's offices, social workers, and social service agencies to identify those who need our services the most. Some hospitals (like Houston’s MD Anderson Cancer Center) have integrated us into their admissions and social services departments to ensure availability to their clients.

Our mission coordination team connects passengers in need of transportation with pilots available for missions so that details such as airport of departure and destination can be confirmed. On the day of travel, the passenger meets the pilot at a local airport and is flown to an airport near their treatment facility. When necessary, multiple trip “legs” are arranged with additional pilots.

Angel Flight South Central coordinates with similar agencies across the nation, which allows us to provide service to patients and passengers who require travel beyond our primary service region (TX, AR, LA, NM, OK). Because of the sacrifice and commitment of our volunteer pilots, we believe that no one has to be denied critical medical care solely due to the barrier of distance.

Angel Flight South Central encourages America’s General Aviation pilots to volunteer their skills to provide free transportation for people in need of critical medical treatment not available to them locally.  Every year Angel Flight pilots fly thousands of “missions” making it possible for people to access lifesaving medical care which would otherwise be unavailable to them.