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Angel Flight South Central (AFSC) will no longer require waivers to be signed plane-side for each mission. Instead, the Mission Coordination Team will collect a one-time waiver from all passengers and their companions. The one-time waiver is collected as part of the clearance process for all missions and will apply towards all future missions for each passenger and their companions. These waivers will be accessible on “My Flights” in VPOIDS.

Please review the additional information below pertaining to our new liability waiver process:

These changes will take affect August 30, 2021.

Waivers for Companions

Exception: Liability Waivers for Companions

If the companion traveling on the day of the flight isn't listed in the itinerary, then it's possible that the AFSC Office hasn't collected a one-time waiver for that companion. This new companion is required to sign the mission liability waiver through the "Add additional signature" function in VPOIDs prior to departure.

Please collect the companion's name, weight, phone number and/or email address and date of birth. The Volunteer Pilot should then email the mission number and companion information to so the Mission Coordination Team can collect the one-time waiver from the new companion at a later date. 

Exception: Mission Liability Waivers for Pilot Records

Some volunteers have expressed a desire to continue collecting mission liability waivers plane-side. Prior to departure, you may still collect a mission liability waiver signed by all parties. This mission liability waiver is in addition to the one-time liability waiver that is already on file for each passenger and companion. Unlike the one-time waiver, the mission liability waiver has a mission number and a place for the Volunteers, Mission Assistants, Passengers and Companions to submit their signatures. 

Should you choose to collect a liability waiver for your mission, please review the process document to ensure all boxes have a signature (coming soon).

Pilot Record Waivers
Mission Assistant

New Mission Assistant Policy

Due to our updated waiver policy, the only way to completely eliminate the need to collect a plane-side mission liability waiver is for Mission Assistants to sign up as AFSC Volunteers. We encourage you to continue to bring your family members and friends as Mission Assistants, but we ask that they take a few minutes to sign-up as an AFSC Volunteer on our website prior to the trip.


Any person who joins the trip and is not the passenger, companion, or Command Pilot is considered a Mission Assistant. The AFSC Office is asking all Mission Assistants to sign up in advance of the mission date. If your Mission Assistant changes on the day of the mission, the mission liability waiver must be signed plane-side by the Mission Assistant.


Mission Assistants can become AFSC Volunteers by signing up on Angel Flight's website. For Mission Assistants who are not pilots or only want to fly as Mission Assistants, select "Not a Pilot" for the second pre-qualification question.

Volunteer Pilot Affirmation Changes

Volunteer pilots will need to renew their volunteer status and sign the volunteer affirmation annually. Therefore, AFSC Volunteers are no longer required to sign the affirmation in the waiver prior to flying each mission.

Pilot Affirmation
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