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AFSC Pilot Affirmation

April 9, 2020

Angel Flight, Inc., dba Angel Flight South Central (hereinafter "AFSC") brings together volunteer pilots and passengers or medical items, including, but not limited to, human blood, tissue, and medical supplies, that need transportation to a medical facility for treatment or otherwise. AFSC does not oversee the flights themselves, but rather the volunteer pilots who fly the missions do, and our pilots are responsible for compliance with FAA regulations. Therefore, we require that all pilots attest to the affirmations listed below. Please review these affirmations carefully.

We require all pilots to agree to these affirmations each year upon the renewal of your membership. By checking the "I Agree" option in VPOIDS, I, the undersigned AFSC Volunteer Pilot, hereby affirm that all information I have provided with this form is accurate and correct. Membership with AFSC is a privilege, and I understand it is subject to revocation. 

I agree to HOLD HARMLESS AFSC, its pilot(s), passenger(s) and those persons acting on its behalf, including employees, mission coordinators, officers, directors, agents, mission assistants, referring agencies (collectively referred to as "AFSC Persons"), and all others associated with AFSC, from any and all claims, liability, losses or damages including, but not limited to, exposure to infectious diseases and negligence for any personal injury or property damage I might suffer, and for any wrongful death action which my heirs, representatives, successors, or assigns might bring arising from any activity associated with AFSC. This means that the beforementioned persons may not pursue against any AFSC Persons any claim for damages incurred as a result of any activity associated with AFSC.

I promise not to act as an AFSC Command Pilot when I am pilot-in-command of any flight referred to me by AFSC unless at the time of each such flight:

  • I hold a valid and current pilot certificate for the class and type aircraft (if a type rating is required) in which I will be acting as pilot-in-command.

  • I hold at least a valid and current Class III or Basic Med medical certificate.

  • I am in compliance with all Federal Aviation Regulations relating to currency for carrying passengers (including those regulations relating to annual or biennial flight reviews, landings, night flying, fuel reserves and IFR, if applicable).

  • I am in compliance with all Federal Aviation Regulations relating to the use of alcohol and drugs, including reporting requirements specified in the regulations.

  • Whether flying rented or owned aircraft, I have in force liability insurance applicable to the flight.

  • I am flying an airplane with a valid standard airworthiness certificate (normal, utility, acrobatic, commuter or transport category). AFSC encourages pilots to have ready access to at least 4 seat aircraft and does not accept experimental or restricted category aircraft.

  • If I am renting an aircraft, I have met the requirements of the renting agency for currency. If I belong to a flying club, I am a member in good standing and I have met all requirements to fly club airplanes for which I am approved.

  • I have a total time as pilot-in-command of at least 250 hours PIC.

  • I understand that it is my sole responsibility and obligation to decline serving as pilot-in-command on any flight referred to me by AFSC unless ALL of the above statements are true at the time of the flight. I further understand that I will complete this affirmation prior to each flight and annually at the time of my membership renewal.





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