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Terry Davis stumbled into aviation on a whim by taking his first intro flight on December 31, 1999, he has been in love with flying ever since.  After getting his private pilot license in 2000 and buying a plane in the same year, he went on to get his instrument rating so cloudy days wouldn’t deter him from being able to enjoy flying.

Originally from Oklahoma, Terry grew up in small towns and married his college sweetheart before moving to North Texas to start their careers.  Once bit by the flying bug, like many other pilots, Terry started looking for excuses to fly.  He discovered Angel Flight and began flying missions in 2001 while working on his instrument rating.

Terry and his wife (Kim) live in an airplane community South of Dallas where they have a runway in their back yard.   They fly a 1964 Cherokee 235 (the first plane they bought in 2000).  Shortly after Terry got his PPL, Kim became a private pilot as well and now owns a 1961 Cessna 172.  They went ALL IN on the aviation hobby!

Professionally, Terry works from his home office for a software company managing a team of technical systems engineers.  His career has been centered around Information Technology and managing computer systems for major corporations.  He was a nerd in high school and I guess you could say he just made a career out of it.

Terry is excited to be associated with Angel Flight South Central and looks forward to working with local pilots as the North East Texas Wing Leader.  Feel free to contact Terry using the form below if you need assistance getting signed up for a mission as a pilot or need assistance using the services of Angel Flight South Central. 

If you are interested in using Angel Flight's services for yourself or someone you know, please go to our Request a Flight page.

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