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100 Days of Summer

3rd Annual 100 DAYS OF SUMMER


Donate $100 during the month of June And help people access medical care this summer!

Every day, our volunteer pilots provide free flights for people who need to access critical medical care that is not available to them locally. Without these flights, many of our passengers would not be able to make their scheduled appointments, or they would simply not travel for treatment. On average, it costs Angel Flight $120 to coordinate each flight. Please help us continue our mission to fly more people in need!

From a previous year's 100 Days Sponsor: Transporting cancer patients to be treated was very rewarding to me. I enjoyed my ability to do something that was good for my fellow humans and their families. I was born in Colombia, a poor country without the ability to treat the cancer of the blue collar patients, so I was delighted to be a good samaritan here. Now I have cancer and am unable to fly an airplane, but I am fortunate that my flying friends take me to Houston. —Carlos Acosta, M.D.

How can I sponsor a day of missions?

During the month of June, for every $100 you contribute to Angel Flight South Central, we will assign you a Day of Missions. The day will be randomly selected between June 10th and September 17th. There are only 100 Days of Summer available, so make your donation now!

As a sponsor...

Angel Flight will provide you with a list of the missions that were flown on your designated day and a certificate with your sponsorship date. 

From a previous year's 100 Days Sponsor: Last year I was unable to fly many missions. The patients are just so nice and thankful we can assist them it is a pleasure to fly them. It is a wonderful experience. My goal is to fly 6–12 missions per year minimum. Since I could not fly, the least I could do was to give. While I hope to get back on track for 2018 flying missions, I will be making the same contribution for this summer. —Fred Greene, CIMA

How can I make a donation?

You may either make a donation online or mail a check to:

Angel Flight South Central P.O. Box 763760 Dallas, TX  75376

Please note "100 Days of Summer" on your contribution so we know you are sponsoring a day of missions!

Thank you for supporting.


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