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“Thank you for helping to save his life”

Normally in this blog we profile Angel Flight passengers and pilots, but sometimes we receive a testimonial from a passenger that is so touching, we just have to pass it along to you verbatim. We recently received the following message from Anne Gonzales, whose husband, Ernest, needs to travel frequently from Santa Fe to Houston to participate in a clinical trial.

By the time Ernest's esophageal cancer was discovered, he was at stage 4. He was quite sick and was losing weight and strength. The standard treatment available at this time only extends life for months; long-term survival rates are grim. 

He almost refused any treatment (because of the horror stories about chemotherapy) until we went to MD Anderson last August for a consultation. When the doctor explained the clinical trial for immunotherapy, I saw my husband's eyes light up with hope for the first time since his diagnosis. He decided he would join the clinical trial as his best hope for survival and to assist with the approval of the drug for other patients.