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Southwest Texas Regional Wing

Brock Benjamin

Brock Benjamin grew up loving aviation. He still remembers following the unfortunate Challenger accident in 6th grade. Brock was obsessed with the incident and created a scrapbook of all the newspaper articles he could get his parents to buy.

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Brock learned how to fly by going to an Army Air Club in Leavenworth while his wife was there for classes. They have been fortunate enough as a family to fly for fun to far off places like Montana and Rocky Point, Mexico.


Brock also flies for work, as there’s no better way to get to small towns like Alpine, Seminole, and Ft. Hancock in rural Texas. Which is preferable - a one-hour flight or a four-plus-hour car ride? Definitely the flight!


Brock believes that people should find ways to give back to their communities. For him, participating in Angel Flight is a very important way to combine his love for aviation and help people in his community.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a volunteer pilot for Angel Flight South Central in Southwest Texas, please contact Brock using the form below.

If you are interested in using Angel Flight services for yourself or someone you know, please visit our Request a Flight page.

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